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Supply Chain Consulting

Kopac offers a full suite of advisory services around supply and demand chain management, organizational and Supply Chain design and technology implementation (Supply Chain Management Implementation). We provide services throughout the U.S. and most international locations.

Supply Chain includes the following areas:
  • Planning: both Sales and Operations Planning (SOP), Demand Planning, Capacity Planning, and Forecasting
  • Strategic Sourcing, Procurement, Vendor or Supplier Management, and Contract Management/Administration
  • Supply Risk Management
  • Receiving, Warehousing and Shipping
  • Materials and Inventory Management and Control
  • Manufacturing or Service Delivery
  • Price Management and Compliance
  • Accounts Payable/Project Accounting
  • Reporting, Cost Control
  • Master Data Control
Kopac offers the following best-in-class Supply Chain solutions:
1. Supply Chain Management (SCM) Assessments

SCM assessments include assessment and/or benchmarking of a company’s supply chain including Planning, Procurement-to-Payment (PTP), and associated Supply Chain processes of Manufacturing, Warehousing and Logistics

2. Supply Chain Management Transformations

Transformations include an end-to-end assessment and future process design of supply chain processes and redesign of the SCM organization including:

  • Organizational Structure and Functional
  • Current and Future State Processes/Redesign
  • Current State Capabilities
  • Comparison of Current State to Industry Best Practices
  • Analysis of Key Operating Metrics Against Industry or internal Standards
  • Systems Assessment
  • Cost and Payback Analysis of Future State
3. Strategic Sourcing/Purchasing

Includes a full strategic sourcing services for reducing costs and processing times and capturing future savings opportunities through analysis of payment history and supplier relationships

4. Supply Risk Management Projects

Projects involve determining key risk points throughout the supply chain, supply point risks, and associated risks inherent along the chain

5. Implementation

Implementation and project support for supply chain systems including SAP, Oracle, Coupa, PCard programs, Ariba and Taulia.

6. Inventory and Materials Management
  • Services include full wall–to-wall physical inventories, reconciliation to the general ledger, identification of excess and obsolete stock
  • Development of solutions to reduce or eliminate excess stock
  • Inventory process improvement
  • Removal and disposal of excess inventory
  • Outsourcing & Co-Sourcing of inventory management
7. Master Data Control and Audits
  • Clean-up of master data in systems that support Supply Chain processes
  • Development and execution of responsive internal audit programs for management

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