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- Thomas Jefferson

Kopac Consulting Training


Kopac will work with your leadership to assess and survey your training needs, develop a responsive training plan, research and write materials, deliver the training and assess outcomes and objectives. We can deliver our own courses from the list below or develop custom training for your organization. Our training sessions are conducted on-site or at our offices in Houston.

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Kopac offer the following Supply Chain courses:

1. Strategic Modules
  • The Digital Supply Chain – Social Media (SLO), Mobile (MO), Cloud (CLO)
  • Supply Chain Industry Models
  • SCM Strategies
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Procurement-to-Payment Fundamentals
2. Leadership Modules
  • SCM for Non-SCM Professionals
  • SCM Leadership in the 21st century
  • The SCM function
  • Standards in SCM
  • The Supply Chain Consultant
  • Implementations of ERP and Purchase-to-Payment (PTP) programs
3. Compliance Modules
  • Auditing Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Functions
  • FCPA, SOX, and Compliance in Purchasing
4. Inventory Management Modules
  • Purchasing and ERP
  • Cost Management Fundamentals
  • Accounting and Measurement in the Supply Chain
  • Fundamentals of Inventory Management

Organizational Change Management in Supply Chain

Kopac works with your organization as part of major change initiatives. We provide change management services based on industry methodologies or can work within your framework.