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- Theodore Roosevelt

Referral Bonus Program


At Kopac we recognize the value of relationships. We understand how difficult it is to obtain this talent for our clients. That is why, unlike many other recruiting and staffing companies, we offer a generous referral program. If an individual provides Kopac referrals (names of candidates looking for work) for our client’s open positions and uploads the required information into our database, we will pay out a referral bonus to the referring individual.

Quite simply, if Kopac has a client with a staffing need and you provide us a name and we hire that person for a full time, permanent position in order to meet a client need within one year of receiving their resume, then you will receive a $2,500 cash bonus. If the candidates name and credentials are not used to secure an open position within one year of receiving their resume, then no bonus is paid out. (This might occur if the candidate is presented but not hired by our client. Kopac will only pay a bonus if a candidate is hired by a client.)

Unused referrals stay on file for 1 year after submission. As long as the individual referred is placed by Kopac, within a year, to fill any full time position with one of our clients, then the referring individual is eligible for the bonus.

We are not a national player in the recruiting and staffing market, and as such, we do not incur the large adverting, office, and salary budgets many of our larger competitive firms have. However, we recognize the need to be responsive in the market. We already have contacts based on our extensive network and a referral bonus program is another way to leverage existing relationships, to expand our network, and thank those who provide good referrals.

Kopac has been in the consulting or staffing market for 25 years. Like most professional staffing and placement firms we have access to many of the databases and social media outlets. In addition, we rely on existing relationships at corporations for generating job openings and similar relationships with individuals in filling those positions.

We do not believe that we have a right to ask for resumes from referring parties (i.e. individuals) and expect good responsiveness without offering some form of compensation. In fact, many people are uncomfortable with the idea of providing names of people for jobs:

  1. When they themselves are looking for work
  2. Providing potential candidates will require time and energy on their part to research a contact
  3. The position results in a large fee for the recruiter that they do not participate in at all (i.e. there is not an incentive to provide a name.)

Although many people do provide names to recruiters (especially of close friends and family looking for work), we believe that allowing the referring party to participate generously in the placement decreases the time to fill a position results in more options for the candidate, results in more possibilities for our clients, and develops a relationship with the referring partner. Many recruiting and staffing firms offer little or no bonus or incentives for placement of individuals. Kopac is leading the way in this area!

Any full time position that we fill for our clients is eligible for the program. (For example, XZY Company approaches Kopac to search for a CFO for the company. We call you (referring party) and ask for possible candidates and you provide names of potential candidates. After we contact and screen them (note that all or none of the candidates may or may not be a good fit for the client) and present one or more of the names to the client, the client hires one of the candidates, then you would be paid the bonus.)

If an individual provides the name of a company that could be a potential client in terms of consulting or staff placement, then Kopac will work directly with the your, the individual to devise a fair referral bonus. (For example, you here that XZY Company is looking to hire individuals for certain positions or needs certain consulting services. You contact Kopac with the information, we contact the target, and win the work. Kopac will work with you to structure an equitable referral fee for your efforts.)

Any individual can participate that is not a recruiter or staffing company. If an incorporated staffing, recruiting, or consulting firm or sole proprietorship provides a name to us, a different incentive plan applies. Please contact us or visit the Member Firm Center for more details if you are an existing staffing firm.

Kopac will pay out the bonus after we receive payment from our client. This is generally between 10 and 30 days from the new-hires’ start date.

In order to get proper credit for submitting a resume on behalf of someone, we must have all of the proper information loaded into our database. Once we receive the name of the person that you are referring we will contact them and ask them to please visit our website at www.kopacconsulting.com then access the Resume upload area under the Candidate Center. (If we contact the individual and they have no interest in the position and will not provide a resume to us for loading then we cannot honor the referral as part of the program. We are looking for potentially serious candidates who are willing and able to load their information into our database.)

We do not require a candidate redo their resume in our database like many companies and firms. Only a few drop downs are required to be completed then uploading of a current professionally done resume. The process is simple and quick. There is a place to add the referral person’s name, so you get credit for the referral. Kopac prefers this method, because we can track the resume to the referring party as our web interface feeds a database that we can access and track. In the interest of time and tracking, we cannot honor a referral if the referring party or the candidate does not complete the proper fields in the database and upload the resume to the website.

In order to comply with tax laws, if you have been paid a bonus, we may have to provide you with tax statements at year-end in order for you to properly complete your tax return.

Yes, you can always submit names of individuals. However, the individual is not considered a referral and the bonus paid until we have all of their information in our database and a placement is made. Kopac allows up to one year to make the placement.

Yes, but the bonus is paid out for each position filled. (e.g. you provide 5 names for 2 positions that Kopac is trying to fill, Kopac fills one of the positions with a name that you provided. You would receive credit for one bonus payout of $2,500.) However, if any of the remaining 4 names are used to fill an open position(s) within one year then you will be paid the bonus on each of those positions as well.

The first to submit the candidates name gets credit as the referring party.

Kopac tracks names/resumes in our database. If the resume is submitted through our website, then there is a place to note the referring party.

If Kopac places a candidate based on a name that you submitted, we will contact you regarding payout details.

All information that we receive is treated as highly confidential.