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- Thomas Jefferson

Kopac Consulting Publications

RFID Risk Management Publication - Kopac Consulting LLC

Risk Management

This publication from the IIA discusses the role of RFID and key risks within the supply chain

Revenue Assurance Control Desk White Papers - Kopc Consulting LLC

RACD Paper

Discusses approach and a model for Revenue Assurance in the utilities and retail energy industry

Supply Chain Services - Kopac Consulting LLC

Supply Chain Services

List the key services and benefits of Kopac’s supply Chain Services

Kopac Revenue Assurance Billings

Kopac RA Billings

Discussed the impact of Revenue Assurance on Customer Care and Billing systems within the utility and retail energy industry

Managed Project Solutions - Kopac Consulting LLC


Managed Project Services represent key services and skills that Kopac provides as part of executing major projects

Inventory Benchmark Study and Recommendations for Energy Industry


Represents a major study of inventory management in the energy industry.